Managing Member

Guy Alessandro, CPA
After graduating from Binghamton University’s School of Management, Guy worked with the international accounting and consulting firm Touche Ross & Company (now Deloitte) where he honed his knowledge of internal control systems and developed keen analytical skills. Guy then became Controller for Benetton USA, a small company inside a very large one where he found his zeal for “small” business. This in turn led him to become the Controller for the restaurant Paper Moon Milano, where he found his passion for restaurants.  This experience gives Guy a unique perspective as a CPA serving New York City’s dynamic restaurant and bar industry. He brings efficient, creative and valuable solutions to everyday business challenges.
Guy currently serves on the Board of Directors of the New York State Restaurant Association, Greater New York City Chapter. He remains immersed in the industry and continues to develop relationships ranging from first time owners to seasoned, successful and highly skilled operators. In addition, he maintains constant contact with regulators and industry professionals among whom his knowledge and opinions are well respected.
“Change is inevitable, growth is optional”
Guy Alessandro, CPA


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